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12:07am 06/12/2007
  I'm going to try to stop being depressed and mopey, and I'm going to start trying to be cool and awesome.

Did I ever even introduce myself? I don't think I did...

Hi, I'm Cody. I am around 19 years old and I live in Indiana. Some of my hobbies are: Drawing and watching cartoons. I am a fairly average guy, although I like to think of myself as an artist of sorts. I'm really not all that interesting and most of the reason I post here is out of boredom.

More to come?
I hope so.

In the meantime,
stay classy internet.
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Here is the plan...   
10:15pm 26/11/2007
mood: apathetic
I'm going back to the way I used to be. Yes, that is how I will get over this! I will begin to resent everyone again! It should work.

You see back in the day, didn't like being around people too much. Some but not too much. Over this whole ordeal with Liz, and the past year in general I have been more social. What I need to do is stop doing that and start hating everyone again. Except for a select few of course/

See you next week live journal,
stay classy now.
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Slow down!   
11:37pm 05/11/2007
  I think I might as well give up.

No matter what happens Liz will always, ALWAYS, stay with Evan. The guy could literally murder her whole family and punch her in the face and she would say,  "Oh well.. he apologized.." They had broken up for the 4th time, I believe. Liz was feeling pretty guilty about me, and her and the fact that Olaf hadn't known. So she told him. I, personally, thought that should have happened about 2 or 3 months ago. So, he goes on this tangent about how she is a whore and that she is basically the worst person in the world. (He had every right to be mad but there is a line somewhere in there.) He was apparently "uncomfortable" and that justifies being a total prick. So she was pretty steamed about the things he said, and she vowed to not take his crap anymore. So that night they get back together. (I know it makes perfect sense.)

The thing is..I.. I'm the bad guy here. I'm Bowser kidnapping Peach from Mario.(If Mario was the biggest douche bag in the world.) In the eyes of most people I am a terrible person and I accept that.

I don't know what to do. I mean, this whole thing is my fault. I would feel terrible about it, if it was me taking her from a really nice, great guy. In fact I wouldn't do it at all. The thing is, Evan is a total prick. She thinks that only recently has he been a prick. From my understanding he has ALWAYS been a prick. She just either didn't notice or didn't care. I don't know. I'm moving on I guess. I can find someone new hopefully. I know that won't fill the void but it will help.

The only upside to this whole freaking shenanigan was that Josh was there to help me out.
Thank you Josh.
I don't know if you know how much I appreciate it. I know it was hard for you.

Goodbye for now internet.
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Hey I'm back... for now!   
10:55pm 19/10/2007
  So, I was just sitting around with Joey and I decided to post on the old LJ.

Nothing has really changed since the last time I posted sadly. Today Liz went to Ohio to be with Olaf (Evan).

I was feeling pretty down and such so I thought I would tell all my fans.
To anyone who cares: THINGS SUCK FOR ME!

On a brighter note last night was rather interesting. It was a pretty good day nothing out of the blue. It was kinda raining and it was a thunderstorm watch I think. Anyways I was at walmart buying the last of their gamefuel that was on sale. I happen to LOVE Mt. Dew and pretty much every kind of it. So when I heard it was on sale I went down there and grabbed some up right away. Turns out there was this thing we call a "Tornado" and Josh, Liz, and me were all trapped there. Yeah nothing ended up happening but we had to stay until it was done.

So Josh stayed the night last night. Partially because he was scared that a tornado would kill him and partially because he just wanted to. It rocked. It was really fun. Played some WoW and some Fear, watched some anime, and had a generally awesome time.

Well that's all for now. Liz will be back on sunday and that's the day I will probably cheer up at least a little.
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: / !   
05:02pm 02/07/2007
mood: depressed
Man, life sure does suck. I finally came to terms and admitted that i love Liz. When I told her... lets just say I didn't get the response I wanted.

So it looks like its back to the bottom of 5000 miles of pitch black liquid funeral for me. I don't know, I want Liz to break up with Evan and be with me but I feel like asking that is very selfish of me.

Liz is my best friend. She has been for a while now and this whole time I've had a crush on her. Only recently have i realized that I love her and only even more recently have i been able to admit this.

Don't forget tho that this is my life so of course things never work out for me. Liz wants to stay with god-damn-mother-fuckin' Evan. Of course she doesn't want me. Why would she?
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01:30am 26/06/2007
mood: thirsty
I have been slacking on this here live journal thing. I'm sorry about that I guess (not like anyone reads this anyways)

The weekend was pretty fun. Got drunk with Joey and Liz Saturday night. It was my first time too. Lucky for me, I woke up and I did not have a hangover.

I started playing WoW again! I made a Troll priest and a Blood Elf warlock. The Troll is my main, the Blood Elf is for when me and Liz play together.

That's it for now!
Stay classy world.
I'm in the coolest drivers high!   
12:16am 15/06/2007
mood: lonely
Well I didn't post an entry last night. I was way too tired. I ended up hanging out with Branden all day, and then playing D&D with Liz and Josh.

I've been practicing my drawing. I was beyond rusty.

I finished Great Teacher Onizuka today, and I need more. They just leave you hanging. Damn...

Trying my best not to get depressed anymore. I just feel so alone all the time. I never see any of my school friends. Liz is super busy these days. She is also my transportation so without her I don't see Josh. Branden is a solitary man, and he rarely wants to hang out. Damn..
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12:53am 13/06/2007
mood: crappy
I am pretty pathetic. Today for some reason I broke down and started crying. I built a blanket fort and started crying in it. Liz came over when she realized something was wrong.  It helped quite a bit. I think it must have been quite strange for her to see me cry. After all most people know me as the non-stop cheer machine.

In other news, I think I'm done with the computer work at merit! Yay!

Tomorrow Branden and I are supposed to get chinese food. Looking forward to that. I loves me some China Buffet. Also tomorrow Liz and I are supposed to go to The Brew and draw until Josh gets off work ,and then its D&D for the win!

I have been thinking about my future a lot lately and i realized that I have absolutely no direction in life. I don't even know what I want to do anymore.

I need to just get past all this and stop whiner ,but  that is much easier said than done
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10:18pm 11/06/2007
mood: depressed
Today has pretty much sucked.

I went to merit ,and got absolutely no work done. I fell asleep twice ,and was told that if it happened again I would get asked to leave.

I went home and slept. The little bit oh hope I had been holding onto for fun was destroyed.

So, what did I do with my spare time you ask? I moped! Came close to crying a few times. I spent almost the whole day locked up in my room with all the lights off. Just the computer monitor to keep me company.

Talked to Amy Holler on aim. Sounds like she is even more depressed than me. Sometimes I think I need medication ,but then I say "Cody your problems aren't that bad. Suck it up you are pathetic!"

That is all for my pointless entry of the day.
You stay classy Internet.
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10:58pm 10/06/2007
mood: horny
Today was my open house. More people came than I would have thought. Pretty much the whole time we played GH2 and ate ice cream cake.

After that Dan, Seth, Joey, Liz ,and I all went swimming. At some point we thought it would be a good idea if we got naked. So we did. Good times skinny dipping with my friends who ,for the most part, were all guys.

Joey ,Liz ,and I came back to my house for a little bit and did some "things."

In other news, the weekend is over meaning I have to get up tomorrow and go to god damn merit! Oh well, I guess is back to waking up at 7 ,being there till 12 ,and then sleeping all day until its time for merit the next day.
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Great Googly Moogly!   
01:27am 10/06/2007
mood: high
Well today I finally got to sleep in for the first time in a few weeks! I'm so happy about that!

Went over to my mom's house for senior pictures. I hadn't done that yet ,and with the open house tomorrow it would have made things awkward.

Joey showed up at around 8:30. We got tacos and 2-litters for supper. I shared my tacos with Liz who showed up at like 10:30. Today has been pretty good.

Tomorrow ,like I said, is my open house. I'm thinking that depending on how much money I get I may get myself an Xbox. Maybe I should save it or use it wisely ,but c'mon its an Xbox.
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11:12pm 08/06/2007
mood: lonely
As they said in the 70's TGIF! I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Made it to 48% at merit today. That's something like double my quota! Hopefully ill get done with the computer work by next week , and then I'll start to do my outside work.

My dad's birthday was today. 54 years old that man. He might be a grouch sometimes, and he might be a pervert , but he is my dad and I love him.

Slept all day as usual. I'm kinda worried because that's all i feel like doing these days. If I'm not with friends or something i just feel like curling up in my bed and going to sleep.

I wanted to go to Liz's show today ,but it was sold out. So depending on how she felt afterwords she was going to come over here. So I ordered Domino's and got some orange soda ready. She was, of course, too tired to come over. Branden showed up in the nick of time to make my day not completely suck! He was a little high ,but as usual he did not disappoint. Shared the pizza with him and watched the karate kid.

I started drawing more up to date versions of my old characters. Maybe one of these days I'll write it down like I keep promising myself. I think its a pretty good story.
I can't fight it!   
05:27pm 07/06/2007
mood: bored
Well I've decided there is no more  running from it. I am going to be stuck with hair for the rest of my life. If I don't do it I think I don't look right. So here comes Jimmy Neutron!

I met my quota today at merit. You see I have to get to 65% by the end of a 3 week period. So I have to get roughly 22% a week. I made it to 23% today plus i have tomorrow. Hopefully ill get this summer school crap done, get my diploma, and then i can rest for a while before i get a job.

Somehow we worked it out and we got to play D&D last night. It was awesome! I killed an 8' tall mantis! Plus a 5' bee!

I didn't get home till about 1a.m.  I almost didn't have time to take a shower because Liz knocked over a heavy flower planter in front of her house. She had to come back to get me so i could put it back up for her.
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I'm back!   
03:14pm 06/06/2007
mood: accomplished
Well.. I've decided to start up my live journal again.
Kinda disappointed because I wanted my usual name The Bumbler but someone already has it. So I went through the vault and found this pre-The Bumber name.

On  Sunday I graduated which was pretty cool and would have been a lot better if i didn't have to go to summer school for one more credit to get my diploma. My Open house is next Sunday by the way.

In other news I have a lot on my plate as far as projects go. I agreed to be apart of Project: Dot Dot Dot where once a week Josh, Liz, and I get together and try to beat a dragon quest game. Over the course of the summer we hope to get through them all. Also me and my good friend Branden started up a "show" that we are going to be writing and filming here soon. And maybe if your lucky ill go ahead and make that web comic that i keep saying I'm going to make.

Wednesday is supposed to be D&D night with Josh and Liz but with Liz's crazy schedule we are lucky if we can do it at all. Hopefully with some luck and amazing skills we can pull it off.

Remember Eiffel 65? Yeah they wrote that one Blue(Da Ba Dee) song from the 90's. Well I downloaded all their stuff and I've been listening to them for like the past 2 days.

That's all for now.
You stay classy internet.
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